Glenbrook - The Community

Historic Glenbrook, Nevada, on the northeast shore of Lake Tahoe, epitomizes the qualities of a rural lakeshore community. Historians believe that Mark Twain first viewed Lake Tahoe from the meadow where Glenbrook Creek flows into the lake. Upon viewing the lake, Twain declared that it was, ".... the fairest picture the whole earth affords." 


The HistoryGlenbrook is one of the most exclusive areas on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. It started as a lumbering settlement in the late 1800′s to furnish lumber to the Comstock mines in Virginia City. Glenbrook was later known as a summer resort to the rich and famous. Rita Hayworth, President Rutherford B Hayes, General Ulysses S. Grant, and Clark Gable were some of the elite who took refuge in the Glenbrook Resort area. Glenbrook is proud of it’s historic past. Some of the buildings, including the Lakeshore House, were restored to their original grandeur by the R.T. Nahas family of the Glenbrook Company. The Lakeshore House is now on the National Historic Register as Tahoe’s oldest standing hotel. 

The Lifestyle: Experience Lake Tahoe's outdoor fun right here at home like its Glenbrook residents do.  Glenbrook is a private, gated community on Lake Tahoe nestled in the Sierra mountains. Only 150 of the 730 acres that make up the Glenbrook community have been developed leaving plenty of undeveloped natural beauty which is what attract people to this exclusive region. The undeveloped land provides ample opportunity for hiking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. Glenbrook homeowners are entitled to become members of the Golf Club. A private sandy beach is available to Glenbrook residents complete with a pier and boat buoys. 


Neighborhood Features: Glenbrook includes the communities of Uppaway Estates, Cedarbrook, Logan Creek and Pittman Terrace. Adjoining Uppaway is a private 39-home gated community featuring 44 acres of rolling wooded hills, pier with boat tie ups, and a lakefront barbecue area. Zephyr Cove, a Tahoe historical landmark south of Glenbrook, provides an extra place for serious recreation-loving people.


Hot Spot: Glenbrook homeowners have sole access to more than a half-mile of private beach, acres of lush meadow trails, pier, and buoys. For an additional fee, community members can also enjoy a private 9-hole golf course, clubhouse, restaurant and separate tennis club.


Best Homes: Glenbrook is touted for its fabulous estates, spectacular lake view and lakefront townhomes, charming cottages, and elegant custom homes.